Promotion and practicing are aimed at real application scenarios. Any technology will not become mainstream technology unless it has a real application scenario and brings a breakthrough in economic eciency on the basis of the original technology system. We will organize a dedicated industry application working group, which is composed of 10 Chapter 4. Technical Characteristics 4.1 Double-Layer Structure Super Gold adopts NEO's underlying technology as its transaction verification and Ethereum proof-of-work algorithm Ethash for block packaging. In the pattern of separating transaction verification from block packaging, on the one hand, NEO's underlying technology - the DBFT (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm) consensus mechanism, is used for transaction verification, which eectively guarantees the concurrent amount and transaction feedback speed. On the other hand, using the proof-of-work algorithm of Ethereum - Ethash for mining to pack the blocks ensures decentralized properties and makes sure that SPG is output in the form of mining, so as to guarantee the long-term prosperity of the Super Gold ecosystem. traditional industry experts, blockchain technicians, productization personnel and planning sta, to conduct industrial research and scenario feasibility studies to all sectors of the society in an exhaustive manner, in order to complete the deepening and popularization of the blockchain revolution. ere are too many concepts and technologies which have become the major obstacles for ordinary users to understand and enjoy the bonuses brought by the blockchain. We hope to prevent users from touching complex concepts through a fusion of cognition and technology and to output a mature product to users. We will do our best to guide community developers to develop real touchable products